Excellent projects of Prithvi a great time ahead

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Excellent projects of Prithvi a great time ahead

Post  joek2421 on Thu Sep 20, 2007 12:21 pm

I feel though many movies are not there which were widely accepted from him, as a solo hero, many exciting projects are on its way. Just go thru the list. When famous directors are waiting at the residence of Mammoo/Lal there are some big guys who are confident of thenselves are looking for other ways are alsothere


UTV/Radan (KannanPoochi) - Priya V (kandanal Muthal) - Prithvi/Sandhya/Radhika/Satyaraj Oct-6
Moserbaeur/Duet Movies - Vellithirai - Viji (Mozhi script writer) - Prithvi/Prakashraju/Gopika going on
Pyramid sameera - Sathum Podathey - Vasanth - Prithvi/Nithin/Padmapriya -Sept 14
Priyadarsan - Not Named (Malayalam/Tamil)- Fazil - Prithvi/others not fixed) - To start in dec.


Mohanraj - Thalappavu (Naxal Varghees Story) - Madhupal - Prithvi/Navya/Lal/Mani - Starts on Sept 30th
Lal films - Kangaroo - Babu (Chess fame) - Prithvi/Jaysurya/Kavya - Starts on Oct 20th
- Bose - Padmakumar - Prithvi/Pakashraj/Meera - Starts in Feb
Movies of AK Sajan/Shaji etc are on line.

As per puzha website he is being approached by Shyam Benegal to act in a hindi movie
One Telugu project is alos in line


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